Frequently Asked Questions

What type of window and gutter cleaning do we offer?

We offer you high-quality professional window and gutter cleaning. Window cleaning we use the water-fed poles with purified water on your glass surfaces, frames and sills.  For gutter cleaning we use the SkyVac Atom extremely powerful gutter cleaner machine and work from ground level.

Our methods are environmentally friendly and efficient giving the best results.

In what areas do you offer your services?

We will make your windows sparkle and your gutters clean no matter where in Gloucestershire and also offer our services outside of this area too.

What is water-fed pole system? Why is it better?

We use modern professional equipment for window cleaning, which is safer as there is no use of ladders, which allows us to reach and wash high windows from ground level. The system uses pure water which cleans to a brilliant shine with no streaks or smears. It is environmentally friendly, as no chemicals or detergents are used. Old fashioned window cleaning leaves behind a sticky soap residue, which actually attracts fresh dirt, while our pure water system leaves your windows cleaner for longer.

Is the window and gutter cleaner trained?

We are fully trained friendly professionals and we are fully insured.

How do you clean the windows?

We clean the exterior window using the pure water-fed pole technology. Some dirtier windows many need a second clean before we can achieve a brilliant , sparkling, smear free shine, which will then stay cleaner for longer.

Do I have to do something before your visit?

Yes, we will need a free parking space close to your property, which has to be on the same side of the road, as the gutter cleaning machine will need use of your electric. Parking close to your property is also very important for window cleaning, as our vans are equipped with purified water tanks.

What are your working hours?

Standard working hours our 9.30 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Saturday.

Should I provide you with a water source?

No this is not necessary as we will bring our own tank which is pre-filled with purified water.

Do you use chemicals or detergents?

No! We use only purified water to clean windows. Detergents act as a magnet for dirt and the pure water washes off residue build-ups. Then windows are left to dry naturally and stay clean for longer!

Shall I provide you with electricity for the gutter cleaning?

Yes, we would need to plug our gutter cleaning extension into your electricity.

Can I be away during the service?

Yes, as long as you give us access to the windows and ideally we would like the windows shut so we don’t get any water drip inside.

Does rain affect the job?

If it only drizzles it won’t affect the window cleaning process, but in a torrential downpour or an electrical storm we would have to reschedule for safety reasons.

Will you clean windows and gutters on a commercial business?

Yes, we have many commercial clients across Gloucestershire and can provide our services up to 40 feet.